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Human Resources 


How Innovative is your HR department? 

Are you still using outdated HR strategies to find talent?

HOW do you manage the Talent within your organization?

81 studies of over 24,000 people: in most jobs, prior experience has little to no bearing on performance. Experience doesn’t predict a new hire’s success (Beard, 2019; HBR Sept/Oct 2019) 


“Hey managers: it’s time to stop requiring experience in job applications. It’s a poor proxy for knowledge, skill and motivation.” 

– Adam Grant (University of Pennsylvania – Wharton Business School) 


Is recruiting a capability of your organization? If not, why not?

If your organization’s problem is that you can’t find the right talent, then it is high time to shift your way of thinking of how you go about your recruiting processes. Let us help you find the talent you need. 


Talent is not rare. It is about how you identify and manage talent.

If you seek new ways to identify talent from within the organization, we can help you create new processes and tools to do so. 


Employee training is essential as we are moving deeper and deeper into the Digital Age. Are you prepared to effectively develop curricula and implement such training modules?

As more organizations adopt digital business models, employees need to learn new skills. We can help your business with developing new curricula, developing online training tools and with video production.  



What kind of innovation has your business employed to move away from the outdated yearly performance review to a new mentorship model? We can help you find new ways to boost employee productivity through engaging processes that foster motivation.  


WHO YOU HIRE as a Start-up is as important as what product you make and how you compete in the marketplace. 

Learn strategies on HOW to hire the right talent for your start-up, WHAT tools to use to assess the potential hire and HOW to hire during a rapid expansion phase.

“Talent is about intelligence, motivation and abilities. The rest is about obtaining and deploying managerial capabilities and training.”

– Alexandra Schmid

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